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Friday, January 13, 2012


It's 10am, Where are your Investments?

As per the Elliott Wave analysis and other technical indicators, it appears as if we have started our 3 wave down within the larger 3rd wave. This is a great time to sell whether it be now or after the market retraces upwards, but the retracement won't be pulling back too far. Here is a chart of the channel that the Dow Jones Industrial just broke out of then broke back through and is now falling!

It would be best advised to hedge long positions or sell long positions in general and begin getting short this market. 

I may or may not have positions in any of the indices, stocks or commodities that I write about, but I suggest doing your own research on Elliott Wave International. Also, I recommend speaking with your own financial adviser.

However, it is part of my blog to tell you that financial advisers are "locked" into a system where they don't necessarily care about the well-being of your investments. Their job is to just bring in as much capital under management as possible. With that being said, DO YOUR OWN OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS!! This is how I got turned on to the "other side" of the stock markets that aren't readily seen by the public. By other side, I mean the different ways large "BIG MONEY PLAYERS" conduct their trades.

I love knowing this information because how else would I know that there was going to be a large decline coming? Today looks to be the first leg down of the 3rd wave within a larger 3rd wave.

All this means that is there is still some real solid selling pressure coming!

All in all, my message today is to begin learning how to profit from piggy backing the "BIG MONEY PLAYERS" using the Elliott Wave Principle. You can find this information at the top of my page or the video to the right, which I recommend WATCHING!

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