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Monday, January 30, 2012

When Will the Stock Market Stop Advancing?

This is the wave count I came up. I really do recommend getting the FREE account that Elliott Wave International has to offer. They have the best commentary and analysis hands down in finance.

I am seeing one last push higher to complete the 5 wave move up. We got good support from the monster trend line shown. The second line there is the line in the sand that will signal market acceleration or market breakdown. I am still looking for a TOP in this market! It is there, and it is coming.

Short post Today. I will be back with more soon! Read up on the Elliott Wave Principle by clicking any of the graphics I have posted for EWI. It is must read information; just like this blog! Ha!

Friday, January 27, 2012

SPX January 27, 2012 Pre-Market

Looking for a Top with Elliott Waves

I have been analyzing the stock market for over 10 years now trying to decipher what seem like random market movements. These of course are NOT random movements; every move is driven by human emotion. The Elliott Wave Principle is the ONLY way to objectively forecast where the market accurately. Don't take my word for it though. Sign up with Elliott Wave International for the FREE account and begin educating yourself with the only long term analysis that will make and save you money.

The mostly vertical line is the exact length of the Wave Up next to label "1." The last decline in the LARGE triangle gave me a retracement level of the same price. It is also a 100% retracement of the first wave down which is the max the market can travel in order to hold the bear market scenario. This number of 1,375 in the SPX would be the last stop before traveling SOUTH in the NEW, POWERFUL WAVE 3 DOWN!

Perfect Storm Brewing 

Watching the market advance recently has made me really ponder what is going on in traders and investors minds'? I'll answer that question with a question. If I was a "BIG MONEY PLAYER," wouldn't I want the general public to believe the market was going to continue to rise? If I had a lot of demand to offload the shares to, I would get a better price for the overall sell or short price.

Not only that fact, but the fact that the European Union still has not reached a solid deal for Greece and the like. I don't like to get too much into fundamentals because the Elliott Wave Principle takes ALL information into account including sentiment, momentum, stocks advancing vs. declining, trend lines, Fibonacci and more! All of the information present has made me believe that we are entering a "Perfect Storm" scenario. The public is turning a blind eye, and "BIG MONEY PLAYERS" are setting up for a huge market dump! 

Take a look at the very interesting article put out by Elliott Wave International, Credit Crisis: Are We Set Up for The Perfect Storm?

It appears as if Elliott Wave International has somewhat of a similar view. They are the expert market forecasters that have called the 2000 TOP and the 2008 TOP! On top of that, their analysis predicted the massive bull run from 1973-2000! These guys are definitely the one's to follow! I do, and it has changed my whole perception about the stock market for the better. I was one of the blind one's, and I do not want the same for you. There is much more peace of mind when you know your retirement is not at the mercy of the market players; you are the one who will know when to buy in for the long term and get out for the heartache. 

All in all, one should be very skeptical about today's market. I highly recommend getting the FREE account through this link, Learn Elliott Wave Analysis -- Free.



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is THIS the TOP?

Analysis says Good Chance

The diagonal line I have drawn is the price level that is exact length of the A leg preceding this final C wave up. I have much conviction in the Elliott Wave Principle because of it's objectivity. This objectivity is still telling this analyst that a top is forming (formed) and the next LARGER wave down is coming. 

I have stated that the break above the trend line resistance could very well have been a bull trap, wherein a stock or index breaks above resistance yet only to retreat back. It gives traders and investors a lot of hope in the market, so they buy in but only for the real down trend to continue. 

If you have money in the market or are an aspiring trader, you NEED to be apart of Elliott Wave International and start the process of changing your perception on the markets, Today! You can get the FREE club account through the banner ads up top or to the side. ALL of the information they have is MUST SEE! 

I'm not blowing smoke here; I truly believe in this analysis. There is NOTHING else like it out there, NOTHING! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dow Jones Industrial Jan. 23, 2012 EOD Must Read

How Long will the Rally Last?
 We started the day out in the black with the Dow Jones Index rising but then meeting resistance around the 12,760 area. I have been writing this blog specifically to spread the message of the Why Choose the Wave Principle?, and the Wave Principle states that a downward forceful wave is very likely in the coming days/week(s).

Pending correct wave counts, it appears as if we are in the last 5th wave up, however it may be extended. In the prior post, I stated that a great target would be the top of the trend line indicated by the gray circle on the chart. Just as possible is a break above the trend line known as a throw over. Regardless, at this time the analysis still says DOWN is coming. Reference Elliott Wave International for more background information and expert forecasting.

Worth noting are the trend lines that I have drawn more than a week ago. They are holding true as true can be with trend lines. This is partly why I like to focus more on the Dow Jones Industrial Average; it tends to abide by technical analysis rules the most often, in my opinion. Take a quick read with How to Identify and Use Support and Resistance Levels.

There is a small chance that we have found a top, but I still see hitting the top of the trend channel  more probable. The 12,900 area is a good round-about target area for the Dow. If you have long term money sitting in the stock market, I would highly recommend getting a 2nd opinion with the Elliott Wave Principle.

Dow Jones Industrial Elliott Wave Jan 23, 2012 PreMarket

Final Push?

I am seeing an extended fifth wave push higher. We have definitely picked a side for now and that side is up. I feel strongly that we are still in the finishing stages of wave 2 up because the wave can retrace 100% of the original down move and then continue its larger path downward.

I hope all took advantage and sold up into the strength of this market. Here is a chart from the finish of last week.

My best analysis says that the absolute top would be the top trend line or a break just above the trend line such as a throw over. I recommend everyone reading up on Elliott Wave International because they are the true expert market forecasters. You can get a great read and the FREE resources by clicking the banner ad up top or watching the video and signing up for the FREE account afterwords.

They are so accurate at market forecasting that I created this site just to spread the message of how powerful Elliott Waves are. I truly believe that this analysis will help so many people that take the look. 

I will update as soon as possible, until then, read up on Elliott Wave International.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stock Market Rally Poised to Continue!

But is it Really?

The stock market has broke out of a recent triangle and has since "broken" serious trend line resistance. I use quotes like that around "broken" because I have a suspicion that the price action is just a large bull trap for investors and traders. The wave count you will see on the chart is still the one I have been writing about since this blogs inception. This wave count is a bearish one, and I recommend that all begin to study the Elliott Waves. The greatest teacher, in my opinion, is ElliottWave.com which is Elliott Wave International. This website will give one the ability to FINALLY SEE what Elliott Wave analysis is and how powerful of a tool it can be for their portfolio. Take a read of the article attached with the link and sign up for ALL the FREE resources they have to offer and let their analysis prove how effective it can be!

5 Yr. Dow Jones Industrial Wave Count

  As we can see, the projected, most probable path for the stock market is South. I know there is no kind of analysis that can predict every market move and turning point, but the Elliott Wave Principle gives traders and investors the highest probability move. Per chance the analysis needs to be reassessed, there are always Stop-loss orders trailing closely behind so one does not lose much. 

As I said, the market has broke above the thick trend line to the right of the chart. This is a bullish sign to most, however, it can also be a cloak for the larger move DOWN. Investor optimism seems to be rampant and no market can climb forever especially with DECLINING volume. All of the factors put into perspective shows me that the 3rd wave down is coming, possibly tomorrow.

The reason I say possibly tomorrow is because I use certain ETF's that gauge certain sectors and it looks like a possible bottom is in place for this high volatility ETF. 

FAZ has hit a 423% retracement from a push higher previously. Also, the ETF is hitting trend line resistance to the downside so this is bullish. The down channel FAZ is in is a positive sign in itself because it will break to the upside of the channel (in theory) which will be market bearish. We will see what tomorrow holds for us, and I will update.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dow Jones January 18, 2012 Update

The market is still at resistance from a very powerful trend line. We are dancing on both sides trying to determine which is the direction. I will give more analysis after today to see what new information there is to process. My recommendation is to sit tight.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dow Jones Industrial January 17 Update

What to Do Now?

The market rose over 1% at the open of today's trading. I knew there was going to be somewhat of an exaggerated move because of the MLK Holiday. The thrust of the market broke the trend line resistance but has since retraced. This could mean one of two things, that this is a new wave count or a very deep retracement of wave 2. I see this being more the latter but could very well be a new wave count. It is always imperative to keep an open mind and continue to conduct objective Elliott Wave analysis. Here's how we have done up until 10am...

The trend line with the 3 circles is the trend line that was broken, but prices may very well retrace below the trend line, making this a bull trap scenario. For any long term investor, I would recommend waiting for the market to commit to you. I would also be sitting tight as a short term trader. I do still have a downside bias, but I will objectively update after the market closes today with new information!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dow Jones January 17, 2012 Elliott Wave Count

  What to Do? 

Well studying is the best thing to do on off days. Keeping your analysis fresh and up to date is crucial when dealing with this type of market environment. There are many bulls out there that would like to see this market continue to rally, but I believe that the analysis provided by Elliott Wave International is MUCH more accurate! Here is a great read for the day off...

Five Fatal Flaws of Trading
By Elliott Wave International

While there is no magic formula, EWI Senior Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy has identified five fundamental flaws that, in his opinion, stop most traders from being consistently successful. Read More.

Oh.. and take advantage of the Super Free Resources that Elliott Wave International has to offer. It truly is the best FREE stock market analysis. You can sign up by clicking on the banner ad, the EWI ad to the left, or the link for the article above. There are MANY FREE e-books and other tools to help you in your financial journey. There are also paid subscriptions that WILL make you a better investor and trader, hands down, no contest! Now...
  There is no trading today, but I have posted the probable wave count. All in all, the general direction is DOWN. I can not stress enough how one should be protecting their investments right now! If we all thought we lost money in 2008, then wait until the end of this 3rd wave down. The prices are projected to FALL BELOW THE 2008 LOWS! This is very serious to me because I would like to inform and help as many people as possible before financial situations turn very utterly grim.


I trade and invest by letting the market work for me. I suggest you do the same. A lot of the initial reading one should do prior to getting their hands dirty with the markets is at Why Choose the Wave Principle? This will give you the basic information to truly understand why the markets operate the way they do. Don't be afraid to take advantage of ALL the FREE resources that EWI has to offer. I can't stress that enough because it is a plethora of information that will get you on your way to MAKING BIG MONEY off of "BIG MONEY PLAYERS."

I keep reiterating "BIG MONEY PLAYERS" only because these are the hedge fund managers, mutual fund managers, and every other money manager that controls huge sums of cash for profit. There goal is to make as much money as possible, but they cannot do that as efficiently and effectively with a lot of cash. WE CAN THOUGH! 

We as individual traders can use PROFESSIONAL ANALYSIS like Elliott Wave from Elliott Wave International. This analysis tracks the social movements of money managers represented by what they do with their cash under management. Crucial turning points and trends CAN BE identified, and they can be identified using Elliott Waves. Again, sign up for EWI's FREE account for GREAT FREE reads and get more informed on the basics of Elliott Wave.

The Elliott Wave Principle WILL CHANGE the way you Invest or Trade for the better, Guaranteed! I can say this because it is the only mode of analysis that gives one an objective view point of the markets, THE ONLY!

Friday, January 13, 2012


It's 10am, Where are your Investments?

As per the Elliott Wave analysis and other technical indicators, it appears as if we have started our 3 wave down within the larger 3rd wave. This is a great time to sell whether it be now or after the market retraces upwards, but the retracement won't be pulling back too far. Here is a chart of the channel that the Dow Jones Industrial just broke out of then broke back through and is now falling!

It would be best advised to hedge long positions or sell long positions in general and begin getting short this market. 

I may or may not have positions in any of the indices, stocks or commodities that I write about, but I suggest doing your own research on Elliott Wave International. Also, I recommend speaking with your own financial adviser.

However, it is part of my blog to tell you that financial advisers are "locked" into a system where they don't necessarily care about the well-being of your investments. Their job is to just bring in as much capital under management as possible. With that being said, DO YOUR OWN OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS!! This is how I got turned on to the "other side" of the stock markets that aren't readily seen by the public. By other side, I mean the different ways large "BIG MONEY PLAYERS" conduct their trades.

I love knowing this information because how else would I know that there was going to be a large decline coming? Today looks to be the first leg down of the 3rd wave within a larger 3rd wave.

All this means that is there is still some real solid selling pressure coming!

All in all, my message today is to begin learning how to profit from piggy backing the "BIG MONEY PLAYERS" using the Elliott Wave Principle. You can find this information at the top of my page or the video to the right, which I recommend WATCHING!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dow Jones Industrial Under Pressure?

Resist Much?
The long term wave count over the past year has been quite difficult to gauge. However, with the simplest technical indicator, one can see the power of trend line resistance. This is also in correlation with the probable end of wave 2 up. This is where the Elliott Wave Principle really helps to identify TURNING POINTS in the marketplace. It is said that one as a trader or investor should not attempt to pick tops and bottoms, and this is true if one has little knowledge about the Elliott Wave Principle. 

Not Me or You
As I was saying, we as retail investors/traders are not supposed to be the one's to pick the market tops and bottoms. This misinformation is what I have been led to believe a good portion of my life. I did not want to settle for that information as a fact. 

I knew that there were a vast amount of people ("Big Money Players") trading stocks, so I knew somebody had to know how to identify potential tops and bottoms! This was so important to me because I knew this is where the BIG MONEY was made or at least could be made. 

Elliott Wave 
Then came along my study of the Elliott Wave Principle. This form of analysis alone will give one the ability to plan for known hard times such as Economic recessions and Depressions. The Elliott Wave analysis calculates the ever-changing social mood of the masses. I highly recommend that everyone visits the Elliott Wave International site. It can be found at the top of the page, and they are the ultimate resource for everything Elliott Wave; I love and use all of the FREE resources that they have to offer.

Friday, January 6, 2012

SPX Intraday Analysis Week Ending Jan. 6, 2012


At the end of the day on Friday, the market broke to the downside of a converging triangle. This is bearish, but there is immediate trend support right around 1276. A proper wave count would typically help one determine a probable move in these types of scenarios. Even though not on the chart, I see this support being broken and the continuation of wave c downward. I can deduce this information because triangles occur in waves B and 4.


I have labeled Fibonacci supports that are seen as the 3 price levels. I have not gone into at all how I determine target points using Fibonacci numbers, but I will in future posts. These 3 levels are price levels we will see a point of support or consolidation. These are NOT prices to place long orders! I use intraday analysis to determine longer term trends. Fibonacci numbers are excellent ways to determine target price levels. Just a snip of information but in this chart, I took the last advance in the triangle to give me Fibonacci retracement levels. These price points are generally quite accurate.


I love trend lines. They are the basis for technical analysis. What some people neglect is there total usefulness and effectiveness. Although since studying Elliott Wave, the way the markets move have more of a rationale behind them. Some may be wondering why there are no Elliott Wave labels on all these charts dedicated to Elliott Wave?

I may put some labels on smaller time frames like this, but generally it is going to be with the larger time frames that I will put the labels. The reason behind this is that I want the market to work for us. A lot of the time on an intraday basis, Elliott Wave counts change very often. I like to step back from the day-to-day and focus, for now at least, on the larger picture. Just by using simple technical indicators like trend lines, I foresaw a significant decline coming in 2008; I had no idea at the time how much money I was going to save! I also foresee another larger decline coming being in the large expanding triangle we are in.

I will be continuing to analyze the U.S. markets objectively though. Even though I believe we are in the midst of a larger degree decline, I'll no doubt be giving unbiased technical analysis. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where's the Stock Market Going?

 I have been focusing mainly on the validity of trend lines so far with my Blog and it's for a reason! The reason is that they are so crucial to making investment decisions. This chart above is of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This is a short term chart of the last 60 days of trading. I have updated the current up channel we are in. As you can see, there are channels within channels. This is partly the value behind trend lines. Simply enough, many trade ideas, long and short term can be made by calculated trend line breakouts. I have found that in the longer the time frames, the tendencies of accuracy increase. Most trend lines abide depending on the current volatility. This strategy alone has been the cause for great trades because the force that comes with a trend line break is generally great!

Wednesday's trading day should determine whether the Dow Jones Industrial will keep it's head above the older "SUPER BULLISH TRIANGLE" (as the WSJ put it) trend support that it's been flirting with since late November.

I haven't put up an Elliott Wave count of the shorter term 60 day chart, however, I do have a simple look into what the market is working up towards, a higher corrective wave C. There are also some great bits of information on the charts that may open your mind to technical analysis. I would be selling as the stock markets advance. I will post targets for the top of wave C in days to come. You can certainly see where the trend line resistance is though. 

All of the open markets represent all of the available information that is current with a current share price for any index or individual stock. With this being said, I subscribe to the Elliott Wave Principle. I haven't touched on Elliott Wave Principle too much because for any background on the topic, I would refer ALL to ElliottWave.com. The purpose of this site is to give people a more basic understanding of the topic. I am going to spread the word that good trading and investing doesn't have to be such a mind rattling task. The Elliott Wave Principle will tell one where any market is at any given time. This information will give the person receiving a SERIOUS upper hand relative to others. Trades and investments can be made with confidence, no guess work involved.

Soon I will be displaying hypothetical trades for a shorter and long term portfolio. I know the Elliott Wave analysis forecasts that the market will finish correcting higher then resume its larger degree trend of down. I will also let everyone into the secrets of forecasting target highs and lows. This method involves using Fibonacci numbers. The charts that I will display in days to come will truly tell you how mathematical and technical the stock market really is. Using the information on this site can give one a serious trading or investing edge over their peers and their mutual fund managers.

Monday, January 2, 2012

1929 Stock Market Crash Scenario TODAY!

I will be listing some charts of possible 2012 doomsday scenario outcomes. I am addressing this because we are in the midst of a Super Cycle top so the bottom is not totally known yet, but we can make targets. This chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is what the equivalent to the 1929 stock market crash would be in today's Dollar value. This target share price for the Dow that you will see is almost unrealistic, but if history has told us anything, it's that it almost always will be repeated in some manner or another. I created Another Market Blog to aware people of the facts that are being played out right in front of us. It is just that with the day-to-day actions of people, these types of things fall to the back burner of priorities and thus neglected. The market may seem good the day you pay attention to it, but the market has been extremely volatile and is susceptible to unexpected turns.

As I stated, this to me is the worst case scenario. It is scary to think that the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 could get very low like this. It's not totally unmerited considering we as Americans have been living lavishly and over-extended for a good 20 years now. I'm all about organic growth, so in order for that to happen, the market might have to truly dip this low. We will see. I will continue to update with facts such as this and with more daily and weekly market updates. This information will be very beneficial for saving TONS OF MONEY with your 401k's!!

Don't let the "Big Money" players let you believe the market is going to rise. Who do you think the "Big Money" players buy their stocks from? You is the answer. As you are selling the fear, they are buying opportunities. As you may buy opportunities, the "Big Money" is selling for profit sending the stock right back into a tailspin. Market psychology plays a master role in the art of buying and selling equities and commodities. It just helps to have a little of the information they contain at your fingertips. My lesson for this post is to ALWAYS be PATIENT! There will always be another opportunity to make money especially in the stock market. I'll elaborate more soon. Thank you.

Compelling Dow Jones Industrial Chart!

On this second day of the New Year, I decided to put together a very compelling chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1900-2011. The information it contains is something every person should be aware of! It concerns the way we live as a Society. However, because of skeptics not all believe in the power of the Elliott Wave Principle and other psychologically imperative technical indicators. The simplest of indicators, a trend line is an extremely powerful tool, especially on a larger degree scale such as a weekly, monthly, or yearly chart.

What most new traders don't take into consideration is the process of channeling. This long time frame holds up better with each passing year. The process of channeling is simply duplicating the original trend line that was created, in this case it was the lower trend line. I duplicated it and connected it to the middle most top in between the two lower connecting price levels. As you can see, the top portion of the channel provided both support and resistance. This channel is also used in conjunction with the Elliott Wave Principle to get an even better read on any financial market.

In 1995, you may see the Dow Jones Industrial Average break out of the upper portion of the trend channel. This accelerated buying is easily seen by the break of the trend channel. Once the DJIA broke above the channel, it retraced back to the upper portion of the trend line in the form of a double bottom. This was not an exact price level, but it was a great relative support indicator. As we go on after the market rallies again, one can really see the re-break of the upper portion of the trend channel and the Dow Jones Industrial Average really takes a beating this time in 2008 to converge back into the upper portions of the channel, but still within the channel again.

From this, one would expect the trend lines to be reinstated as basic support as resistance again. However, as I have written on the chart, we are now in an expanding triangle pattern. In an expanding triangle, 5 legs produce each longer than the last. Now I am a firm believer that we are in a bear market. That's what my objective Elliott Wave analysis has led me to believe. I also fundamentally believe that we are overbought as a market in general, so the two theories correlate well.

So for this post, I will end with what I believe to be a very plausible market outlook...

Short Term= Advance
Intermediate Term= Decline
Long Term= Decline
Even Longer Term= Advance

I haven't posted much yet, but the reason that we as individuals can beat the market is that the market is made up of a select few thousand with Trillions under management. They as a group can't all buy at the same time, just like they can't all sell at the same time. As individuals, you may use the analysis that they use to make their short and long term buys and use it against them. I call it piggy-backing the "Big Money" players. Others may call it just plain old smart business.

I haven't even elaborated on the depression of 1929-1932, I will though. I hope this opened people's eyes just a little. If you would like the full scoop, check out elliottwave.com

Trader Brandon

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, No Trading Monday

Well, with the stock exchanges being closed on January 2, 2012, that leaves for a pretty uneventful day trading wise. I can definitely catch up on some great Elliott Wave Principle analysis though.

I am a man who wanted to create this website to spread the word of the powers that Elliott Wave Principle analysis has. However, what I did not want to do is scare off any newcomers. I can see how the wave counts and the technical jargon can get overwhelming with other financial blogs. This will not be the case here. Even though the Elliott Wave Principle is profoundly confusing to keep a correct count and ever-changing at that, I am committed to keeping it as SIMPLE as possible.

So for any charts or market chatter that I post, I will do my best to K.I.S.S.

Trader Brandon