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Friday, January 27, 2012

SPX January 27, 2012 Pre-Market

Looking for a Top with Elliott Waves

I have been analyzing the stock market for over 10 years now trying to decipher what seem like random market movements. These of course are NOT random movements; every move is driven by human emotion. The Elliott Wave Principle is the ONLY way to objectively forecast where the market accurately. Don't take my word for it though. Sign up with Elliott Wave International for the FREE account and begin educating yourself with the only long term analysis that will make and save you money.

The mostly vertical line is the exact length of the Wave Up next to label "1." The last decline in the LARGE triangle gave me a retracement level of the same price. It is also a 100% retracement of the first wave down which is the max the market can travel in order to hold the bear market scenario. This number of 1,375 in the SPX would be the last stop before traveling SOUTH in the NEW, POWERFUL WAVE 3 DOWN!

Perfect Storm Brewing 

Watching the market advance recently has made me really ponder what is going on in traders and investors minds'? I'll answer that question with a question. If I was a "BIG MONEY PLAYER," wouldn't I want the general public to believe the market was going to continue to rise? If I had a lot of demand to offload the shares to, I would get a better price for the overall sell or short price.

Not only that fact, but the fact that the European Union still has not reached a solid deal for Greece and the like. I don't like to get too much into fundamentals because the Elliott Wave Principle takes ALL information into account including sentiment, momentum, stocks advancing vs. declining, trend lines, Fibonacci and more! All of the information present has made me believe that we are entering a "Perfect Storm" scenario. The public is turning a blind eye, and "BIG MONEY PLAYERS" are setting up for a huge market dump! 

Take a look at the very interesting article put out by Elliott Wave International, Credit Crisis: Are We Set Up for The Perfect Storm?

It appears as if Elliott Wave International has somewhat of a similar view. They are the expert market forecasters that have called the 2000 TOP and the 2008 TOP! On top of that, their analysis predicted the massive bull run from 1973-2000! These guys are definitely the one's to follow! I do, and it has changed my whole perception about the stock market for the better. I was one of the blind one's, and I do not want the same for you. There is much more peace of mind when you know your retirement is not at the mercy of the market players; you are the one who will know when to buy in for the long term and get out for the heartache. 

All in all, one should be very skeptical about today's market. I highly recommend getting the FREE account through this link, Learn Elliott Wave Analysis -- Free.



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