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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Euro Dollar Rallies Hard, Buy the Dip?

UPDATE: 3:19p.m.
This is a textbook case of an Elliott Wave trade setup coming to fruition!

I'm Short Term Bullish... LOOK at the Chart!
I am just amazed every time the Elliott Wave Principle works to the tee especially in a real time situation like this chart I composed Today. The Elliott Wave Principle must be added to your logical thought process of when to buy and sell stocks/commodities, and this chart further proves my point.
As I am writing this article at 12:45, I can see the EUR/USD breaking to the upside. Elliott Wave International just came out with their commentary regarding the upside to the Euro, you may read it right here.

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Here is another article that will stimulate the contrarian in you....The Top 10 Market Myths Expose.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Major U.S. Market Indexes Technically Reviewed & Revealed

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Let's look at where the major United States market indexes stand Today. I'd like to point out that on all of the charts, the bottom most trend line signaling the lower support of the up trend the markets are in is a gauge as to how powerful the index has climbed, or the lack thereof.

After looking at the charts, one can see that the Nasdaq has climbed relentlessly, and the Dow Transport Index has already began what looks like a 5 wave impulse down as well as the trend line support broken. For the Dow Theorists, this is not what you want in a bull market continuation.

The markets, in general, are at a turning point. There is evidence of this with the Transport Index as well as a break in the lower trend support for the Nasdaq rally. Additionally, the Industrial Average has failed to break out of the trend line resistance of larger degree. All of this evidence points to a correction at best. However, with the Elliott Wave Principle applied at a larger degree, this could very well be the beginning of a much larger move down... the one that I have been projecting.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Resistance Looms the Market

Dow Heading South?

 As one can see, the trend really is your friend. However, once the trend is broken, look for a reversal, especially at key Elliott Wave projected price levels (not on chart). 

You can find out more about the Elliott Wave Principle here. 

I really enjoy plotting trend lines because it gives almost a precise price target for short and long term time frames. As we can see from the chart, there are channels within channels with another channel which I did not plot for aesthetic purposes, but my point is that markets really still DO follow and abide by simple trend line guidelines. 

Now, these trend lines put into combination with the Elliott Wave Principle and say some additional volume analysis sounds like a serious edge over any other trader looking at the same screen.  

The Dow has been making advances, but no technical advances as of late. We are clearly under the resistance line, and will most likely not cross it.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stock Market Breaks Medium-Term Support!

As I wrote last night, the Standard & Poors 500 Index was locked into a rising wedge scenario. These wedges can be found in Wave C which is what wave the stock market is looking to complete in order to revert back towards the larger trend. Today, the market went through the wedge trend line support only to retrace and be denied of any further gains. Many like to refer to this retracement to prior uptrend support as the "kiss of death" or the "kiss good-bye."

Regardless of what the wave count actually is Today, the patterns that are produced are recognizable and traded accordingly by all who see it(which is ALL professional money). One of the main reasons, in my opinion, why 90% of traders are on the wrong side of the market is because the "market-movers" being the "professional money" ie. market-makers, large trading groups, hedge funds, etc. need others to buy their sell orders without driving down the share prices. Adversely, professional money would love to buy stocks on the CHEAP as the mass public sold right into the professional monies' buy orders. With that being said, it is only logical to think that one should do their research on how markets operate and benefit from that information. The in-depth research can be done at Elliott Wave International . In my humble opinion, I believe the Elliott Wave Principle needs to be a tool in your trading and investing arsenal... and a BIG part of it!

This type of analysis is like none other, however it IS used by professional money, so I recommend learning and reading what they are trading by! It will greatly improve your sense of objective awareness in market moves, and gives one the ability to prepare for potential DOWNFALLS as well as UPSWINGS.

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Trader Brandon

Monday, February 13, 2012

S&P 500 in a Tight Daily Squeeze

Where's My Wedge At?

Although I am no golf expert, I can see when there is a rising wedge in the stock market and that problematically means a price decline is approaching. Just take a look at the story-telling trend lines I have drawn, and see for yourself. 

The Dow Jones has slightly surpassed the previous high it made in May of 2011, so I am going to show you my count in regards to the S&P 500 Index. I like both indexes, but I am still working out a good count for the Dow, however, the main focus is still to the downside. The $SPX is a better gauge of the overall marketplace anyway, so there wouldn't theoretically be as many wild swinging days throwing off potential well-working wave counts as other specified market indexes might.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dow & SPX Daily Update- Feb. 8, 2012

Dow & SPX Elliott Wave Chart Update

The Dow did not close above the maximum retracement price level, but the SPX still has soom room to run. If the immediate bear market scenario is to play out, the price action Today must be seen as a top. A top can be confirmed with heavier supply volume while professional money is dumping huge sums of stock onto the public. I will supply an update after the close Today.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Has the Dow Topped Out?

Another Decline Coming.....Nahhhh....?

There was no real reason besides the European Union for the U.S. stock market to decline in 2011 but it did. This happened in 5 waves down (not labeled), followed by the correction upwards that we are still in Today. Today's futures call for a lower open, and Yesterday's market (circled in blue, top right of chart) is at the make or break point for the bear market bull run continuation. This price level is the 100% retracement for Wave 2 and cannot be broken for this bearish Elliott Wave count to be held true. This means that the next day or two will let analysts like myself know a little more in regards to possible future price direction.

My questions as a "regular" and logical person are, "Why would the market decline this hard even after the 2000 and 2008 large declines? Why couldn't the market hold it's own if everything is 'ok' in the United States(EU no excuse)? If the stock market ALWAYS goes back up, then why hasn't the working public made any decent returns on their portfolio since 2000? Lastly, common sense and logic says that nothing can go up forever, so wouldn't there naturally be times when the market declines farther and for a longer period of time?"

The answer: It's because the U.S. is NOT OK, and we are in the midst of a larger overall decline within the global market. Evaporation of Wealth on a Vast Scale

The Elliott Wave Principle was popularized by Robert Prechter and has made some astounding market timing calls throughout his years. I believe very highly in this one of a kind, totally objective market analysis tool. The Elliott Wave Principle has the ability to forecast short and long term market moves. This is not to be thought as a sure thing because there is nothing of the sort. However, the Elliott Wave Principle (in combination with proper risk management, Fibonacci, and trend lines) gives traders/investors a large edge exceeding any prior technical analysis that I have studied as a stand alone indicator or any variations thereof. Here's some additional evidence... What Are the BEST Technical Indicators for Successful Trading?

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Feb 3, 2012 Dow Jones Industrial Forecast

UPDATE: 2:18pm

We came VERY CLOSE to hitting the 12,881 mark on the Dow Jones, and there were sellers coming into this price area. This is the level in which if we pass then an alternate wave count would be implemented. If the immediate bear market scenario is going to come to fruition, then this level must not be broken. Therefore, it is safe to say that a temporary top has been put in place, but I would still wait for some confirmation.


 We have broken the smaller channel support to the downside. Although we have been in the same trend line since the New Year struck, we are still within another larger overall trend which is up. I do believe that the focus is going to shift to down as I have been writing.

The next couple weeks will tell me for sure where the market is heading. We are at a crossroads in the markets, and sentiment doesn't do a snap change over night especially when nothing chaotic has occurred. This is why I have labeled the latest up trend with 5 waves and to a larger degree, those 5 waves could be an extended 3rd wave of 5, or it was just an impulse 5 wave move to finish the last leg up. The stock market is at a crossroads like I said, so I would continue to be patient and let the market work for us. It's great that the market is rising because who doesn't love more money in their retirement? I know I do!

It does pay to be skeptical though. Many people had lost hard earned money in 2008 because the last large decline that we had was fast, sharp and volatile. I expect this next proposed drop to be similar because it is the 3rd wave of 5 waves which is the strongest (most of the time).

People say, "The stock market always goes back up!" Well I say to them that we are now in a different era. Any one person who studies Elliott Wave Principle will understand that we have reached a certain point in our lives where things are not exactly fundamentally sound like we once thought. In fact, things are quite grim underneath the surface. People love to put their heads in the sand though as long as they're making money. They think that it will not happen to them, but without proper due diligence(studying BIG BANK forecasting material(Elliott Wave International)), people won't have the slightest clue as to how large or long of a bear market we will be in.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

When Will the Stock Market Stop Advancing?

This is the wave count I came up. I really do recommend getting the FREE account that Elliott Wave International has to offer. They have the best commentary and analysis hands down in finance.

I am seeing one last push higher to complete the 5 wave move up. We got good support from the monster trend line shown. The second line there is the line in the sand that will signal market acceleration or market breakdown. I am still looking for a TOP in this market! It is there, and it is coming.

Short post Today. I will be back with more soon! Read up on the Elliott Wave Principle by clicking any of the graphics I have posted for EWI. It is must read information; just like this blog! Ha!

Friday, January 27, 2012

SPX January 27, 2012 Pre-Market

Looking for a Top with Elliott Waves

I have been analyzing the stock market for over 10 years now trying to decipher what seem like random market movements. These of course are NOT random movements; every move is driven by human emotion. The Elliott Wave Principle is the ONLY way to objectively forecast where the market accurately. Don't take my word for it though. Sign up with Elliott Wave International for the FREE account and begin educating yourself with the only long term analysis that will make and save you money.

The mostly vertical line is the exact length of the Wave Up next to label "1." The last decline in the LARGE triangle gave me a retracement level of the same price. It is also a 100% retracement of the first wave down which is the max the market can travel in order to hold the bear market scenario. This number of 1,375 in the SPX would be the last stop before traveling SOUTH in the NEW, POWERFUL WAVE 3 DOWN!

Perfect Storm Brewing 

Watching the market advance recently has made me really ponder what is going on in traders and investors minds'? I'll answer that question with a question. If I was a "BIG MONEY PLAYER," wouldn't I want the general public to believe the market was going to continue to rise? If I had a lot of demand to offload the shares to, I would get a better price for the overall sell or short price.

Not only that fact, but the fact that the European Union still has not reached a solid deal for Greece and the like. I don't like to get too much into fundamentals because the Elliott Wave Principle takes ALL information into account including sentiment, momentum, stocks advancing vs. declining, trend lines, Fibonacci and more! All of the information present has made me believe that we are entering a "Perfect Storm" scenario. The public is turning a blind eye, and "BIG MONEY PLAYERS" are setting up for a huge market dump! 

Take a look at the very interesting article put out by Elliott Wave International, Credit Crisis: Are We Set Up for The Perfect Storm?

It appears as if Elliott Wave International has somewhat of a similar view. They are the expert market forecasters that have called the 2000 TOP and the 2008 TOP! On top of that, their analysis predicted the massive bull run from 1973-2000! These guys are definitely the one's to follow! I do, and it has changed my whole perception about the stock market for the better. I was one of the blind one's, and I do not want the same for you. There is much more peace of mind when you know your retirement is not at the mercy of the market players; you are the one who will know when to buy in for the long term and get out for the heartache. 

All in all, one should be very skeptical about today's market. I highly recommend getting the FREE account through this link, Learn Elliott Wave Analysis -- Free.