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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Euro Dollar Rallies Hard, Buy the Dip?

UPDATE: 3:19p.m.
This is a textbook case of an Elliott Wave trade setup coming to fruition!

I'm Short Term Bullish... LOOK at the Chart!
I am just amazed every time the Elliott Wave Principle works to the tee especially in a real time situation like this chart I composed Today. The Elliott Wave Principle must be added to your logical thought process of when to buy and sell stocks/commodities, and this chart further proves my point.
As I am writing this article at 12:45, I can see the EUR/USD breaking to the upside. Elliott Wave International just came out with their commentary regarding the upside to the Euro, you may read it right here.

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  1. Based on any economic data can anyone give me an answer as to when this may occur?

  2. The euro is strong but unstable at the moment. If the euro fails then there will be a lot of people, mainly companies, that are under contracts specifying the euro as payment that will get screwed. Not to mention Germany wants out of the,, euro, and everyones tired of Greece.