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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why Another Market Blog?

My name is Brandon, and I have created Another Market Blog to help educate and continue popularizing a certain niche topic within the financial markets. In particular, I am referring to the market's psychology and its effect on all parties' trades/investment/retirement. I have been studying the financial equity markets for over 10 years now and now feel it is time to create a source to help others open their eyes to different ideas. These different ideas are paradigm shifts in the way the public perceives the open stock markets to operate.

I know from the past 10 years of market research that a non-finance savvy person does not thoroughly understand truly how the stock market conducts it's business. I know this to be true because 90% of retail traders lose money when trading, and they are supposed to be part of the savvy group.

 This is just the first post of many, but I wanted to make an introduction by saying that YOU can make money in the short and long term as long as one steps back to analyze the proper steps that need to be taken. Of course everyone wants the "Holy Grail" or "End All Analysis" that can "predict" the market's movements, but that's just not reasonable. However, I can personally attest that technical analysis is the for sure way to analyze any type of financial security. 

I will go into much greater detail about technical analysis and... the Elliott Wave Principle!! The Elliot Wave Principle is the mode of analysis which has totally altered my perception about how the stock market operated, above and beyond what the study of technical analysis did for me many years ago. Again, I will go into detail about the Elliott Wave Principle, the wave counts, the psychology(human emotion effect) behind markets, and many traditional technical indicators that add up for a serious Investor/Trader edge for the short term and the long term! 

This is not just another stock market blog(ironic name because it kind of is)... blah blah blah. This is real-deal analysis helping real people. The time of the buy and hold strategy is OVER, and all need to dig deep for the best cash preservation and growth strategies possible. I know one cannot find this ideal by following a massive crowd in the same direction. Like I said, think for yourself and do the research that can all be found here!
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Great findings to reveal with all!!


Trader Brandon

Logical Growth

P.S. You will see the links to extremely important articles from Elliott Wave International. I believe that Robert Prechter and his team of analysts are the guys to go to for expert and seasoned professional guidance. I highly recommend reading the articles and getting their FREE Club EWI account. They give great specials every so often like giving you FREE trial of a paid service for a month(once so far) as well as other great deals! It is definitely worth the $0 to sign up! Ha.


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