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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Logical Man's Perspective

As I have said in my first post, this blog is going to be primarily stock & commodity market oriented. There will also be the occasional great buy or other recommendation that I see worthy of sharing. With that being said, anything one does in the world of finance must be done logically. This is the premise behind my whole thought process while analyzing data from the markets.

I have been studying the markets rigorously for 10 years now, and I know it's because of my love for numbers and their correlation with us as people. I knew that the stock market was somehow correlated with other things besides just the PE ratio, the PEG ratio, and all the other forward-looking lagging indicators. What really struck me though is when I started to study the Elliot Wave Theory just a year ago. This analysis and what it is based on really gives one the ability to make logical trades and project what direction the entity will go.

This may sound too good to be true and most things are. The Elliott Wave Theory, though, is a tool that analyzes all the information that is current which is reflected in a stock or commodities current price. With all of the different information flying about from the media, it is very difficult to gauge which is good news and which is bad news. The Elliott Wave analysis gives one the ability to objectively look at the market and determine where it is in a wave count and then where it will most likely go. I will be posting many links to the wonderful group of people I follow as well, ElliottWaveInternational.com. This website has opened my eyes to what the world markets really are. As time goes on, so does the analysis which I will be posting my own of. I do abide by the Elliott Wave Principle, but I do add in what I believe to be an "extension of trend lines" theory. I will certainly elaborate on this more and how it has greatly affected the outcome of analysis.

I encourage readers to ask questions because life is all about understanding, then being understood. We are all here to learn, help, and prosper from one another. I know this blog is new, and I am new to website publishing but here is another one of my sites pertaining to the same Elliott Wave Principle topic as well as other important relevant financial information.

WWW.LOGICAL-GROWTH.COM -  Under Construction

I will leave this post with a picture of what the past year has looked like for 2011. Let's see if you can guess where the market may be heading...??

Thank you,

Trader Brandon

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