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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Elliott Wave and my Questions

After ten years of researching how financial markets operate, I have come to you with the proper knowledge and experience to create a finance website for all over the world to view. My goal with this site is to empower new traders and seasoned retail traders. It is all about having the necessary information in anything to do well, so why not have the best financial outlook possible? I can do this because there are millions of people with billions of Dollars buying and selling the markets everyday with their own paradigm and thought processes competing and melding with the rest of the masses. Most people coming into the market don't realize how technical it really is. All of this buying and selling in the world markets, whether it be "Big Money" money managers or the average "Joe Trader," all creates patterns. These patterns are one of the basis points for the Elliott Wave Principle. I will post links to elliottwave.com because they are the expert forecasters, and I believe I have an edge as well. However, I do give it up to elliottwave.com because they are master wave counters. I am going to spread the message to the world of how amazing the Elliott Wave Principle is. The Elliott Wave Principle even goes beyond the financial markets. It is also a great tool for studying the social mood of any one entity. We will talk about this as the posts go on.

With the Elliott Wave Principle, people can begin to take control of their finances. This is an extremely important fact to me. The reason I even began starting to study financial markets, besides the fact of love for numbers, is that I did not like the idea of my parents being the "sheep in the herd" when it came to their IRA's and 401k's. Henceforth, I knew I was certainly not going to be a sheep and let a money manager controlling billions of Dollars handle mine as well. My first thought, being an analytical man was, "How am I going to make more money than my neighbors if the same guy is handling all of our money?" Then I took that question a degree deeper and said, "How can one totally outperform the market if my money is only apart of a much, much larger pie?"

This is where my research really began to run deep. I studied many books (beyond college) on fundamental analysis that money managers use, but I really found objectivity when I began to study technical analysis. This kind of trading and research gives one the ability to see where a trade should begin and when it should end. This objectivity gives one the opportunity to minimize losses and maximizing gains. I know for a fact that this is what people search for, alpha, more money made relative to the other guy.

I have come to a point where I know what technical indicators to use in order to analyze a stock, commodity or market rationally, logically, and objectively. As the posts continue, I will divulge the different combinations of indicators one can use to become above and beyond more profitable than prior. This site will answer questions that only paid for sites would let you in on.

I am going to leave with another chart of the recent triangle break, and I will post some analysis about it before the market opens Monday. Please follow my blog!

Thank you,

Trader Brandon

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